Contact Lens Exams

Our contact lens exams in Mansfield can help you find the right contacts for your eyes. Schedule your contact lens eye exam today to get started.

If you wear contact lenses or would like to wear contact lenses, then you will need a contact lens exam. We will evaluate your eye health and vision and consult with you on your lifestyle and hobbies to ensure we recommend the right contact lens for your eye health, vision, and lifestyle. There are many exciting options now for contact lens wearers to accommodate astigmatism, presbyopia, and more.  At Hayden Optometric, our contact lens examinations in Mansfield can help you determine the contacts best suited for your eyes and your prescription needs.  

What Is a Contact Lens Exam?

While an annual eye exam can assess your vision and overall eye health, a contact lens eye exam is a specific exam intended to determine the best contact lenses for your needs. Since a contact eye exam will include tests outside of those included in a routine exam, please let us know prior to scheduling your exam if you are interested in contact lenses so our staff can prepare accordingly.  

What Included in Our Contact Lens Exam 

During your contact lens exam, your doctor will assess your vision to determine what prescription is needed for your contact lenses. They will also measure the size of your pupils and cornea. These contact lens tests help to determine the correct size and curvature needed for your contact lenses. We will also evaluate your overall eye health and work with you to determine if you need specialty contact lenses or other care.  

Contact Lens Exam  Follow-Up  Appointment 

Your optometrist may ask you to schedule an additional appointment so that we can assess whether your contact lenses are a good fit and to see if your eyes are properly adjusting to the contact lenses.   

If you are interested in the convenience and freedom that comes with wearing contact lenses, reach out to us today to learn more about how we can help you find the perfect fit. A contact lens exam in Mansfield with our qualified doctors is the first step to help you find the best pair of contacts for your needs.